GSoC meeting minutes from last 2 weeks

For today’s meeting, I’ll send out meeting minutes with actions broken out right after the call. It is so easy for me to get distracted if I let it slip for even a couple of hours.


  • [vmayoral] Attend weekly IRC meeting
  • [all students] Provide weekly status blog post and make sure project entry points to blog
  • [primary mentors] Update hardware request Google Spreadsheet to make sure it is clear any additional hardware needed

12:00 jkridner|work: prpplague: do you have hardware requests for your projects?
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12:01 prpplague: jkridner|work: i am handling all hardware requests for my projects
12:01 jkridner|work: prpplague: thanks.
12:01 jkridner|work: Who besides ZubairLK is blocked due to lack of hardware?
12:02 jkridner|work: btw, let’s consider this meeting officially started.
12:02 bradfa: hi jkridner|work, I’m here for now unless other meeting starts
12:02 jkridner|work: would like to hear from each student some time during this meeting and will otherwise try to avoid making a role-call.
12:03 jkridner|work: k, we’ll try to cover your 2 projects early then.
12:03 ka6sox: morning
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12:03 jkridner|work: gm ka6sox
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12:03 jkridner|work: guess this is as bad as a role-call, but, students, can any of you confirm having hardware?
12:04 jkridner|work: is it role-call or roll-call? :-/
12:04 ZubairLK: lol
12:04 prpplague: anujdeshpande / hatguy 's hardware is on the way, but will take some time
12:04 hatguy: jkridner|work we have been assigned our work for two weeks and we are on it. and we don’t need the hardware immediately
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12:04 tcort: hw arrived yesterday, I’m getting it from the prof tomorrow.
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12:05 jj2baile: I can confirm not having hardware :slight_smile:
12:06 bradfa: although not a student, I’ve received all hardware shipped to me afaik
12:06 anujdeshpande: jkridner|work: enough work for another week I believe. So hw can wait !
12:06 jkridner|work: jj2baile: according to cwicks, a Black and Launchpad shipped on monday to wmat
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12:06 jj2baile: Yep, i’ve heard that is the case as well
12:07 jkridner|work: bradfa: k, yours apparently had shipped on Friday. Which day did it arrive?
12:07 keesj: tcort has his first(small) patch is submitted mainline
12:08 jkridner|work: keesj: super!
12:08 bradfa: jkridner|work, bacon and bbb from cco got here today
12:08 ZubairLK: tcort: nice :slight_smile:
12:08 bradfa: jkridner|work, stellaris and bbb from cwicks_ arrived on Monday I think
12:09 cwicks_: good morning gsoc teams
12:09 jkridner|work: gm cwicks_
12:09 jkridner|work: we are going through the hardware status…
12:10 jkridner|work: ZubairLK is still blocked, but I suspect hardware should be there very-soon-now.
12:10 vvu|Mobile: i have hardware for the boot project, can be delayed if needed somewhere else
12:10 cwicks_: re shipments - I am working on this list
12:10 cwicks_: todays issue # 1 - address in Greece is a challenge for my export dpt
12:11 ka6sox: we are still missing a few items, I received the stellaris and the BBB, but flyswatter is still in progress
12:11 ds2: morning
12:11 cwicks_: Does the student have a university or business address i can ship to that he can pick up?
12:11 ka6sox: greece is a business address
12:11 ka6sox: panto?
12:11 panto: yes
12:11 koen: cwicks_: I can forward mail to greece
12:11 koen: has labels with pantos address on his desk
12:12 panto: what’s wrong with the address?
12:12 av500: greece is not yet broke
12:12 panto: well it is, but that’s irrelevant
12:13 cwicks_: :slight_smile: if you can just advise if this is a business address “Pantelis Antoniou Antoniou Consulting Thissou 60, 11142, Athens Greece” and not a home? I can try again to push or I can send to Koen to forward
12:14 jkridner|work: panto, koen, cwicks_: so what is the resolution?
12:14 panto: it is a business address, and my home office too
12:15 panto: what exactly are you shipping?
12:15 panto: the google doc is not accessible
12:15 cwicks_: current shipment is the BBB and Stellaris LPad
12:15 ds2: HE HE HE HE HE
12:15 ka6sox: bbb, stellaris
12:15 jkridner|work: anyone seen vmayoral?
12:16 panto: already have that
12:16 koen: jkridner|work: he emailed me 2hours ago, so he is still alive :slight_smile:
12:17 jkridner|work: panto: list from ka6sox of hardware for you is: BeagleBone Black, Tin Can Tools Flyswatter2, TI Stellaris LaunchPad, 4GB uSD
12:17 panto: I don’t have the flyswatter
12:17 panto: the others are here
12:17 jkridner|work: koen: cool. I appreciate he created a youtube video. So far, I’ve seen his and tcort’s project intro videos.
12:17 cwicks_: has any one ordered the flyswatters or do you need me to order them and send themout?
12:17 jkridner|work: would like to get updates from students if they cannot make the IRC meeting.
12:17 cwicks_: panto: shall i just canx the BBB & stellaris shipment from TI?
12:18 jkridner|work: koen: can I assume he’s not blocked and was able to start coding on Monday?
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12:18 ZubairLK: said students won’t be listening if they arent here :stuck_out_tongue:
12:18 koen: jkridner|work: yes, he has roscore running and is filing bug with the meta-ros people already
12:18 panto: cwicks_, send them to koen
12:18 ka6sox: cwicks_, we don’t have them
12:18 ka6sox: cwicks_, and we do need them.
12:18 jkridner|work: will send out meeting transcript
12:19 ds2: ka6sox: have you been talking to the student?
12:19 panto: in fact send the shipment to koen and he’ll ship it to me
12:19 jkridner|work: panto: is there anything in that list you don’t already have?
12:19 cwicks_: i closed the google docs so you should be able to see it
12:19 panto: the flyswatter
12:19 panto: “Your request for access has been sent.”
12:20 jkridner|work: cwicks_: it would need to be shared. as many people can have a google doc opened as they’d like.
12:20 ka6sox: ds2, yup…about daily L)
12:20 ka6sox: cwicks_, the bit that we are working with first is the flyswatter.
12:20 jkridner|work: prpplague: can you help panto out with the flyswatter? Are you handling all of the flyswatters in the hardware request doc?
12:20 ZubairLK: *I’m supposed to keep in touch daily? *
12:21 cwicks_: well being a googledoc newbie - i didn’t change any of the set up, just edited and closed the window
12:21 ds2: ka6sox: okay. cool. don’t see much activity from the student
12:21 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: at least once a week and any time you are in doubt (though doubt shouldn’t keep you from making a bit of progress while waiting on responses).
12:21 ka6sox: ds2, timing
12:21 ds2: ka6sox: when is he active?
12:22 jkridner|work: adds panto to the Doc access.
12:22 ZubairLK: jkridner|work: good then. :slight_smile:
12:22 prpplague: jkridner|work: i was unaware of any requests for fs2’s other than from ka6sox
12:22 ka6sox: prpplague, ya, it was 5 of them
12:22 ka6sox: :slight_smile:
12:23 jkridner|work: ka6sox has a list of requests for fs2’s.
12:23 panto: jkridner|work, ok, I see it
12:23 ka6sox: jj2baile, you here?
12:23 prpplague: ka6sox: please send me a list with addresses and info, i’ll order them up on friday
12:23 ka6sox: prpplague, thanks!
12:24 bradfa: ds2, I’ve not had much contact with jj2baile either, I think ka6sox is closer in time zone and working hours
12:24 bradfa: that and I’ve been busy lately
12:24 jkridner|work: prpplague: the hardware doc is shared with you having the addresses.
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12:25 jkridner|work: it is fine if ka6sox resends to prpplague, but one of you should update the status.
12:25 jj2baile: bradfa: what is your timezone?
12:25 prpplague: jkridner|work: ka6sox can you handle that please?
12:25 jkridner|work: just so that we know we don’t have other stuff outstanding to ship.
12:25 bradfa: jj2baile, east coast, usually working from 8am to 5pm and sometimes again 8pm till 10/11 pm
12:26 prpplague: ka6sox: rusty is a little frustrated with the lack of RoI for some of the free hardware we are sending out, so i’ll just purchase them out of my own pocket
12:26 jkridner|work: ka6sox: please confirm you can update the status of stuff that prpplague is shipping to you.
12:26 ka6sox: bradfa, he is north of you.
12:26 bradfa: oh, ok
12:26 ka6sox: jkridner|work, understood
12:26 ds2: bradfa: I have the same time zone as ka6sox
12:26 bradfa: prpplague, I can buy my own fs2
12:26 ka6sox: too
12:27 bradfa: jj2baile, ka6sox, when are you working and where? on #beagle-gsoc?
12:27 jj2baile: bradfa: yes, i mean to be working in beagle-gsoc
12:27 bradfa: jj2baile, what hours lately?
12:27 jkridner|work: notifies/reminds ZubairLK, vvu|Mobile, tcort, anujdeshpande, hatguy, jj2baile that weekly blog posts are desired to describe your progress.
12:28 ZubairLK: jkridner|work: I’m updating as i go :slight_smile:
12:28 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: appreciated. if it starts to be over a week since an update, then it is time to post!
12:28 vvu|Mobile: has some bits to write lots of 1s and 0s
12:28 ka6sox: bradfa, ds2 did youse the schedule update we posted?
12:28 jj2baile: bradfa: Afternoon, I would say. But i’m also kind of a night owl, so sometimes middle of the night probably. (I am in EST as well)
12:29 anujdeshpande: jkridner|work: well I haven’t blogged about weekly objectives yet, but posted some stuff here :
12:29 jkridner|work: it is ok to post places where you are stuck.
12:29 prpplague: bradfa / ka6sox no worries, i’ll get them ordered on friday
12:29 Ceriand: ZubairLK: you have a link?
12:29 hatguy: jkridner|work: i’ll post my progress by friday
12:29 ZubairLK: jkridner|work: should it be formal style? because I can ramble on sometime. Relevant to work. but my thought processes etc.
12:29 ds2: ka6sox: posted?
12:30 ZubairLK: Ceriand:
12:30 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: doesn’t need to be super formal, but avoid swear words and personal attacks.
12:30 ZubairLK: good
12:30 ka6sox: ds2,
12:30 bradfa: ka6sox, I see schedule
12:31 jkridner|work: has project links and each project page should have a link to the relevant blog(s).
12:31 ka6sox: ds2, bradfa we need to be prepared to answer questions about the PRU :0
12:31 bradfa: needs to start reading more
12:31 jj2baile: ds2: Yeah, sorry i haven’t been communicating very much
12:31 ds2: ka6sox: I usually dive in head first.
12:32 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: ideally it should cover what work you recently accomplished, what you are working on next and any concerns you have about things that could impede your progress
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12:32 bradfa: jkridner|work, the project links in the table don’t show in special colors or underline for me so didn’t realize those were links
12:32 jj2baile: hmm Weekly Blog Posts. Duly noted.
12:32 ds2: jj2baile: not complaining as much as concerned.
12:32 ZubairLK: jkridner|work: thank-you. I’ll keep it in mind
12:32 jkridner|work: bradfa: sorry. blogspot template.
12:32 jkridner|work: thanks jj2baile
12:33 jj2baile: jkridner|work: Should I be using a personal blog, or is there something associated with
12:33 cwicks: *cwicks got kicked out of the IRC and reloaded - any requests between 11:23 and 11:32 not noted, please repeat if you sent one
12:33 jkridner|work: jj2baile: personal, but something reliable.
12:33 jj2baile: jkridner|work: Does blogspot count as reliable :)?
12:34 jkridner|work: hehe, enough.
12:34 bradfa: jj2baile, yes, just don’t use jkridner|work’s template :slight_smile:
12:34 jkridner|work: +1 :slight_smile:
12:34 ka6sox: bradfa, +1
12:34 jj2baile: haha.
12:34 jkridner|work: cwicks: do you have other topics/questions?
12:34 jj2baile: Alright. I guess ill set that up today. Rather not waste time developing a content publishing system just to make blog posts about my project.
12:35 ka6sox: jj2baile, Good Plan™
12:35 jkridner|work: jj2baile: if I were to create a new blog, I’d consider
12:35 bradfa: +1 for github hosting blogs
12:35 jj2baile: Oh Woah.
12:35 jj2baile: Did not know that was a thing
12:35 jj2baile: jkridner|work: Much appreciated.
12:36 ZubairLK: Interesting!
12:36 ka6sox: jkridner|work, is that where we should put code for our projects too? on GitHub?
12:36 cwicks: jkridner I am double checking my list right now on shipments
12:36 bradfa: jj2baile, worth checking out
12:36 jkridner|work: ka6sox: yes, github is a perfect place to put project code.
12:36 jkridner|work: doesn’t everyone already have their code repositories?
12:36 vvu|Mobile: jkridner|work: video due when? asap or can be delayed 1 week from now on?
12:36 jj2baile: Oh right. I also have hosting space witht he university that i could use, Forgot about it
12:37 ZubairLK: video. knew i was forgetting something…
12:37 jj2baile: bradfa: thanks
12:37 av500: git, blog, video and kickstarter campaign
12:38 jkridner|work: vvu|Mobile: couple weeks is fine. shouldn’t be right up against the mid-term though. don’t want you to be working on a video when you need to show progress to mentors to pass the mid-term.
12:38 av500: prefers working code to video
12:38 jkridner|work: av500: +1
12:39 ZubairLK: great! :slight_smile:
12:39 panto: av500, +1
12:39 ka6sox: av500, +1
12:39 vvu|Mobile: jkridner|work: and about mid-term how does it work ? speak with mentor to establish where the project should be then, or how? my 1st GSoC
12:39 ZubairLK: vvu|Mobile: good question!
12:39 av500: mentors will evaluate
12:39 ds2: vvu|Mobile: it is a survey
12:39 jkridner|work: you should already have a schedule as worked out with your mentor.
12:39 av500: the work so far
12:39 ZubairLK: i guess keep working and working
12:40 jkridner|work: mentor should be able to see you are progressing at a reasonable pace compared to the schedule and well understand any reason for delays.
12:40 vvu|Mobile: thinks his case is not up for the schedule presented :slight_smile:
12:40 jkridner|work: if you are in doubt that the mentor can see your progress, confirm with them. if it isn’t clear going to them, come to me and I will help get clarity on how your mentor sees your progress.
12:41 ka6sox: vvu|Mobile, I’m not worried with yours
12:41 av500: +1
12:41 ZubairLK: was too ambitious while writing the gsoc application…
12:41 vvu|Mobile: ka6sox: going to troll with a like instead of a +1 :slight_smile:
12:42 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: please don’t waste a lot of time getting agreement on the timeline. fix the timeline to something you can do and get your mentor(s) to agree ASAP.
12:43 jkridner|work: we should all be coding now!
12:43 hatguy: jkridner|work i see we have lglira assigned as a mentor but i’m not sure if he’s aware of us
12:43 ZubairLK: jkridner|work: I’ll be more certain after the weekend with the BB :slight_smile:
12:43 jkridner|work: I’ll ping lglira. thanks.
12:44 jj2baile: vvu|Mobile: + lim_{x->0} sin(x)/x
12:44 anujdeshpande: jj2baile: trolling has no limits
12:45 keesj: please keep op topic
12:45 keesj: on
12:46 vvu|Mobile: throws a SIGFPE
12:46 bradfa: jkridner|work, what other topics do we need to cover?
12:46 jkridner|work: for next week, please be prepared to discuss progress and blocking items. if you don’t get hardware this week, please start harassing cwicks and I via e-mail and more.
12:46 ds2: ok
12:46 ZubairLK: ok
12:46 ka6sox: okay
12:47 av500: ok
12:47 hatguy: ok
12:47 anujdeshpande: ok
12:47 cwicks: Can I get an address for Victor please
12:48 jkridner|work: cwicks: koen is here, but Victor is not, so best to follow-up over e-mail.
12:49 jkridner|work: any other concerns before we turn everyone loose?
12:49 vvu|Mobile: wishes everybody their code to compile and produce good results!
12:49 ZubairLK: vvu|Mobile: +1!
12:49 av500: like
12:50 jkridner|work: see you all next week!


12:03 jkridner|work: everyone ready to give super-quick updates on progress? I know some of you have made your first (or second or third) blog posts.
12:04 jkridner|work: also, the other thing I need is dates on when anyone becomes blocked on hardware or any other issue.
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12:06 tcort: i2c driver is coming along. I can read the BBB eeprom with it. I’m working on interfaces now (API from other drivers and the /dev interface). Got BeagleBoard-xM. Waiting on Weather Cape but it isn’t blocking my progress.
12:07 prpplague: jkridner|work: all of my people have hardware
12:07 jkridner|work: prpplague: thanks!
12:08 ka6sox: hi
12:08 vvu: jkridner|work: for the android boot project i have a linux port that is working64bit machine tested. tried to switch to Android device with the code but there are kernel problems. OTG support needs to be removed, RNDIS_HOST must be activated. at this point the kernel needs to be patched with some config options. no hardware block. more need testing devices like Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 and some tablets.
12:08 jkridner|work: tcort: do you have a date you need the weather cape by?
12:09 hatguy: jkridner|work: i have the basic gpio infrastructure up in the Energia code, alongwith the pinmux… we also have a makeshift makefile… working on making it more generic
12:09 tcort: jkridner|work: I’m not sure. Maybe sometime around the mid-term evaluation (in a month).
12:09 hatguy: jkridner|work we have a target to get “Blink” working by next week
12:10 jkridner|work: av500: do you understand vvu’s issues?
12:10 av500: yes
12:11 jkridner|work: anujdeshpande, hatguy: do you feel you are able to split the work effectively? are you both able to make coding progress this week?
12:11 anujdeshpande: jkridner|work: have created a bash file to compile, upload and execute c code. currently has basic compilation, will include makefile in it this week. Also have covered the generic functions for reading/writing to /sys. that will be integrated with hatguy’s work this week.
12:12 anujdeshpande: jkridner|work: yepp. we have complemented each other’s work till now. this week we are in a position to get it all together and have the blink demo.
12:13 hatguy: jkridner|work: yes… like anujdeshpande said, we shall need a day or two to integrate our work each week
12:13 jkridner|work: anujdeshpande, hatguy: will your code work with and without the IDE? The Makefile seems like a couple-hour thing to get out of the way before implementing real functions.
12:14 jkridner|work: anujdeshpande, hatguy: do get Blink, do you have pinMode and digitalWrite working now? have you reviewed it with Linux heads like panto and gregkh to see if it is a reasonably efficient approach?
12:15 jkridner|work: vvu, av500: are you able to get the testing devices you need?
12:15 vvu: jkridner|work: some samsung galaxy tabs i can get to test, but i dunno anybody with S2/S3
12:15 vvu: maybe S2 i can get a hang for one a day or two
12:16 hatguy: jkridner|work: the arduino compilation isn’t that straightforward since I’m taking some functions from arduino-1.5.x… the makefile we are using doesn’t support that… but it should be done in a day…
12:16 av500: vvu: jkridner|work: i should get access to that
12:16 ds2: warning on the US version of the S3 - OTG/Host mode seems to not work.
12:16 vvu: jkridner|work: now i have a nexus 7, a galaxy nexus and a samsung chat
12:16 hatguy: jkridner|work: integrating the arm toolchain in the ide isn’t a priority right now
12:17 keesj: vvu: I have a galaxy SII and I am not setup so I can help out if needed
12:17 vvu: perfect for this one. will have a nexus 4 after midterm i think
12:17 vvu: and maybe a htc one
12:17 vvu: to test another brand
12:18 hatguy: jkridner|work: Blink should be done by next week alongwith some clean up… digitalWrite() and pinMode() works, however i haven’t reviewed it with panto or gregkh yet… i will after we integrate anujdeshpande’s code
12:18 panto: jkridner|work, you might be interested to hear that I managed running C code in the PRU
12:18 jkridner|work: panto: sweet!
12:18 panto: a port of the arduino stuff should be possible
12:18 jkridner|work: even sweeter!
12:18 keesj: awesome
12:19 ds2: where is the PRU guy?
12:19 panto: but there are lots of niggling problems with linux stuff
12:19 panto: gregkh, are you here?
12:19 av500: pesky linux
12:19 ds2: panto: you have C ported to the PRU?
12:19 panto: I need to talk to someone which knows the virtio layer
12:19 jkridner|work: panto: is that something you’d be looking at doing? it would certainly qualify as one of my spare-time projects. would be good to start a repository for shared contributions.
12:19 panto: yes
12:19 jkridner|work: I think panto is using the TI C compiler, no?
12:19 ds2: panto: gcc or smallC?
12:19 panto: jkridner|work, you have no idea how much I have stuff to do
12:19 panto: TI C compiler
12:20 ds2: ah. so not free
12:20 jkridner|work: panto: I do have an idea. :slight_smile:
12:20 panto: even C++ works
12:20 panto: but the environment is constricted
12:20 panto: a full printf blows away all the code space for example
12:20 av500: no c++?
12:20 panto: c++ is there
12:20 ds2: I wonder how heavily patented is the PRUSS
12:21 panto: but run any kind of template crap and you’ll blow away that 8K code limit
12:21 panto: there are also some hardware bugs that no-one mentioned
12:21 jj2baile: progress: found workaround for issue with uio_pruss I had. so I should be about ready in terms of coding for it.
12:21 panto: like that access to the data ram of the PRUs when it’s running results in garbage
12:21 jkridner|work: panto: I’d want to find some way to get TI to allow dynamic contributions to a replacement standard library such that printf could be implemented with messages to the print services of Linux, without needing to make special code.
12:21 panto: probably arbitration is not running properly
12:21 jj2baile: Need to design a more concrete idea of how i plan to implement
12:21 panto: jkridner|work, I have a better way
12:21 panto: messages are not needed
12:22 panto: I have a way to do a PRU syscall to linux that handles all that
12:22 jkridner|work: I meant that in a generic sense… circular buffers or whatever.
12:22 ds2: jkridner|work: it might useful to create a PRUSS clone in Verilog/VHDL for development purposes (i.e. emulator on a FPGA)
12:22 ZubairLK: jkridner|work:
12:22 jkridner|work: panto: cool.
12:22 ZubairLK: Bricked and then reflashed the BBB. it took a few days of my time ;).
12:22 ZubairLK: Working on the ADC drivers for our 3.8 tree. A good patchset was submitted and accepted in mfd-next. I ported its changes.
12:22 ZubairLK: Debugged the mess because some macros/data structures of IIO had changed between 3.8 and mfd-next.
12:22 vvu: jkridner|work: also a good idea to test is android on BBB to boot another BBB
12:22 ZubairLK: updated koen and gregkh about the progress.
12:22 ZubairLK: Still testing the ADC driver. If all is well hopefully I’ll look into the changes in the arago tree than can be brought in as well.
12:23 gregkh: panto: I’m here, sorry was responding to email in a different window, what’s up?
12:23 panto: hi gregkh
12:23 jkridner|work: jj2baile: are you getting guidance from your mentors on the approach you’ll need to take?
12:23 panto: need to bounce a few things against you
12:23 ka6sox: jkridner|work, yes
12:23 gregkh: panto: go ahead.
12:23 ds2: vvu: are you sure the OTG problem is from the ROM? at a first guess, I’d think the PMIC would kind of block that stuff
12:23 av500: block?
12:23 panto: are you familiar with the virtio stuff?
12:24 jj2baile: jkridner|work: Yes, i think this is going well
12:24 vvu: ds2: dunno what PMIC means
12:24 av500: ds2: lets discuss this outside
12:24 ds2: av500: ok
12:24 jkridner|work: panto: anyway, it would be great if it could be a drop-in replacement for the C standard library such that where the compiler runs you simply get a binary that does the syscalls, etc. without needing to configure anything special.
12:24 av500: aka later
12:24 ds2: yes
12:24 panto: we have some use cases that will require extending it
12:24 ds2: vvu: will get back later with av500
12:24 panto: jkridner|work, I’ve done all that before (but for a different SoC)
12:24 vvu: ds2: ping me when discussion starts if i`m not around
12:24 jkridner|work: jj2baile, ZubairLK: will either of you be blocked on hardware at some point?
12:24 panto: similar idea, but with a different implementation
12:25 gregkh: panto: please prefix your messages so I can pick them out from the crowd :slight_smile: Anyway, why do you want to “extend” virtio? What’s wrong with it as-is, and what are you trying to do that doesn’t work for you?
12:25 vipulnayyar has joined (~vipul_nay@
12:25 panto: gregkh, first of all the number/type of virtio devices is not enough for our cases
12:25 jj2baile: jkridner|work: Not for now.
12:25 gregkh: panto: what is your “case”?
12:25 ZubairLK: jkridner|work: Sorta. Not completely blocked I guess. I want to test the touch screen as well. My work could be breaking it v.badly for all i know :stuck_out_tongue:
12:26 ds2: jj2baile: have you been mostly working with ka6sox?
12:26 jkridner|work: koen: have you seen your student on IRC?
12:26 panto: gregkh, using the PRUs to implement various hardware peripheral
12:26 panto: *peripherals
12:26 jj2baile: ds2: Somewhat yes, but the project related discussion has been happening in beagle-gsoc
12:26 jj2baile: or at least, majority of it…
12:26 prpplague: jkridner|work: just fyi, i’ve had hatguy and anujdeshpande working directly to make sure they have a functional test environment. with that in mind the next step is to get a simple sketch to compile, upload to the black, execute it, and get feedback
12:26 gregkh: panto: what’s a “PRU”? virtio is for guest operating systems, like kvm guests. are you using kvm?
12:26 panto: gregkh, think stuff like I2C controllers, PCI bridges in S/W
12:27 jkridner|work: koen: can we let him know that he needs to get on and interact with everyone else? he doesn’t need to be on every week, but we need him interacting with the group at some points.
12:27 panto: gregkh, no, it’s not just for guest operating systems anymore
12:27 ds2: jj2baile: Okay. just checking. i see some but not a lot but here isn’t that much going on yet :smiley:
12:27 panto: gregkh, people used the underlying transport (vrings) for rpmsg at first
12:28 panto: and then some guys from STE implemented a modem using a virtio console/serial device
12:28 jkridner|work: prpplague: great. I know everyone is very busy, so we’ll need to beat people up to actually try it out. If they can make it super simple to get installed and checked out, it’ll help get more feedback that we need. A performance test would help too.
12:28 jkridner|work: prpplague: (and thanks again for staying engaged on this… I know you are stretched thin.)
12:28 panto: gregkh, that’s what mdp also wanted to do with his 6502 PRU demo, but he run out of time
12:28 prpplague: jkridner|work: we are no where near looking at performance
12:29 gregkh: panto: yes, the underlying “bus” can be used that way, but what are you really trying to do? How about taking this to email, and cc: the virtio developers / mailing list?
12:29 prpplague: jkridner|work: this will be look at pure functionality
12:29 jkridner|work: k
12:29 panto: gregkh, cause I want to talk to you first, and see if my ideas are at least sound
12:30 ZubairLK: gregkh: checked the mail? could bounce ideas here if convenient…
12:30 bradfa: prpplague, hatguy, anujdeshpande, having a tutorial or exactsteps on how to go from a just bought black to using the code would be useful to keep as an evergreen doc
12:30 ZubairLK: oops. sorry for interrupting.
12:30 gregkh: panto: please, email works best for stuff like “I wonder if this type of complex thing would work”, much better than dribbling it out over irc.
12:30 hatguy: bradfa: we will update the steps to the wiki
12:30 gregkh: ZubairLK: no interruption. yes, your emails are great.
12:30 panto: gregkh, I know
12:31 panto: but you’re around so it doesn’t hurt
12:31 anujdeshpande: bradfa: noted. we actually have that in our to do
12:31 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: parallel conversations are OK here.
12:31 bradfa: anujdeshpande, hatguy, ok, good to hear :slight_smile:
12:31 gregkh: ZubairLK: your latest email sounds like you are on the right track, keep up the great work, and good luck with your move.
12:31 ZubairLK: gregkh: thanks. So on the right track? Test ADC then look for arago tree.
12:31 gregkh: ZubairLK: yes.
12:31 ZubairLK: gregkh: great. thanks. :slight_smile:
12:32 ka6sox: bradfa, were you able to test jj2baile’s pru code?
12:32 panto: gregkh, we know it works btw, since people are using it already
12:32 gregkh: panto: that doesn’t mean it should be used that way :slight_smile:
12:32 panto: gregkh, too late :slight_smile:
12:32 jkridner|work: I believe I’ve heard from everyone but vmayoral (sp?) (koen)
12:32 gregkh: panto: and if you have patches, then send them.
12:32 bradfa: ka6sox, no, sorry, not yet, do we have exact steps for testing it? I’ve not yet had a chance to take a look at the github jj2baile put up beyond starring it
12:32 jj2baile: bradfa: my code doesnt really do all that much visibily since the heardbeat pattern justcontinues after anyway
12:32 panto: gregkh, there are going to be; so far I haven’t had to touch virtio/remoteproc core code at all
12:33 panto: which was excellent
12:33 jkridner|work: does anyone else have topics to be covered or questions for the entire GSoC?
12:33 jj2baile: //win 17
12:33 jj2baile: welp
12:33 panto: gregkh, but there’s something that’s missing
12:33 bradfa: jj2baile, either that’s some fancy unicode or my irc can’t show it :slight_smile:
12:33 Ceriand has joined (~ceriand@unaffiliated/ceriand)
12:33 jkridner|work: does not want to slow actual problem solving
12:34 jkridner|work: Hi Ceriand
12:34 panto: gregkh, all the other virtio devices (besides rpmsg) assume a cache-coherent system arch that resembles something like smp
12:34 Ceriand: hi, sorry I’m late
12:34 ds2: no donuts?
12:34 Ceriand: heh
12:35 panto: gregkh, so, AFAIKT, the only thing missing to get my case to work is to simply add an option that flags a vring as requiring device dma like mapping
12:35 gregkh: panto: and let me guess, that’s not like your hardware.
12:35 gregkh: panto: again, ask the virtio developers, that’s not me, I have enough on my plate as it is.
12:35 panto: gregkh, yes, it’s not cache coherent
12:35 gregkh: panto: sorry. and get some real hardware :slight_smile:
12:35 panto: gregkh, not at the $45 range :stuck_out_tongue:
12:36 av500: rpi is only $35
12:36 ka6sox: gregkh, 8kB of ram isnt’ much and there is no more to be had.
12:36 prpplague: bradfa: yea once we have the basic infrastructure working we can do that, but we are still working out some of the actual build environment details
12:36 bradfa: prpplague, I understand
12:36 panto: gregkh, I am trying to avoid writing a completely new driver model for the PRU; re-using code is good, no? :slight_smile:
12:37 gregkh: panto: not if it doesn’t fit the same model. don’t abuse virtio just because it “is there”.
12:37 panto: gregkh, I don’t plan to abuse it - it already does what I need
12:37 ZubairLK: jkridner|work: ping on the touchscreen cape requirement…
12:37 ZubairLK: or do you know if there is an alternate way of testing the AIN pins to keep going.
12:38 ZubairLK: i’m blind if my work is breaking the other driver.
12:38 panto: there’s only a minor flag missing saying ‘this is a device requiring dma accessors’
12:38 ds2: ZubairLK: what do you need to test?
12:38 jkridner|work: AIN can be tested with a variable resistor or fixed resistors.
12:38 ds2: if it is just the ADC, a 10K pot
12:38 jkridner|work: if you need to trigger events, put a resistor ladder with another resistor in series with a switch to trigger an event.
12:38 ZubairLK: but ADC via the touchscreen driver…
12:38 ds2: wiper to input, one end to GND, the other end to 1.8V
12:39 jkridner|work: ds2: +1
12:39 panto: jkridner|work, btw, is the TI PRU compiler going to be free?
12:39 ZubairLK: thats for testing adc only via its adc iio driver.
12:39 ds2: you can fake out a touch screen using 4 resistors
12:39 jkridner|work: for touchscreen, just put another resistor in series with a switch to give quick jumps to the voltage.
12:39 ka6sox: panto, as in Beer?
12:39 ZubairLK: ds2: thats what i wanted to ask
12:39 ds2: for a given pair, keep the resistance to sub 4.7K
12:39 jkridner|work: panto: yes, free as in beer.
12:39 ZubairLK: and hints on the software side of things?
12:39 panto: excellent
12:39 jkridner|work: wants an ARM version, but isn’t likely to get it.
12:39 ZubairLK: do i ping the tsc driver via sysfs?
12:39 panto: we will also need a build for ARM too
12:40 panto: so that we can run it on the bone
12:40 ds2: look at how a resistive touch screen works (see wikipedia). you want to fake out the 4 wire version (2 are for X, 2 are for Y)
12:40 ds2: tsc should be via the input devices
12:40 ds2: look at evtest.c
12:40 ZubairLK: I’ll look into it.
12:40 ZubairLK: ds2: jkridner|work thanks :slight_smile:
12:40 Ceriand: if you want to emulate a touchscreen, you can also get two linear pots for the two axises
12:40 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: please review the interfaces to be tested with your mentors. I believe you’ll want to test both SYSFS entries as well as any syscalls provided by IIO.
12:41 av500: panto: or make it a “web compiler” :slight_smile:
12:41 jkridner|work: Ceriand: agreed, but you’ll still need some way to change the resistance quickly.
12:41 panto: only if the page is pink
12:41 ZubairLK: you know what. thats actually a pretty good question.
12:41 ZubairLK: i
12:41 ds2: panto: prehaps port smallC?
12:41 jkridner|work: highly recommends using the PWMs to build a self-contained test bench.
12:41 ZubairLK: I’m not certain what has to be tested completely. :slight_smile:
12:41 jkridner|work: see
12:41 panto: ds2, the PRU is pretty trivial to implement a c compiler for
12:42 ZubairLK: i’ll send an email
12:42 panto: it is 32 bit after all
12:42 vipulnayyar has left IRC (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)
12:42 panto: it’s only problem is the very limited insn space
12:42 ds2: panto: yes but gcc has a lot of crap. hence the suggestion of small C
12:42 ds2: small C has been ported to even the 6502!
12:42 panto: or llvm
12:42 Ceriand: +1 llvm
12:42 panto: heh
12:42 ds2: I haven’t seen llvm on such small chips
12:42 ka6sox: panto, +1
12:43 ds2: looks at khem
12:43 panto: ds2, PRU is not so bad really
12:43 ds2: }:slight_smile:
12:43 ds2: panto: is it more stripped down then those small AVR32’s?
12:43 panto: ds2, no, it is not
12:43 panto: reminds me of old RISCs
12:43 panto: weird multiply and no division
12:44 bradfa: panto, sounds like msp430
12:44 ds2: hmmm and they have gcc for avr32’s
12:44 ds2: the msp430 is 16bit though
12:44 ka6sox: panto, let me know what is needed for our PRU interface on the other side when ready
12:44 bradfa: ds2, true, so msp430 on crack
12:44 ka6sox: (and jj2baile too!)
12:45 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: please get what needs to be tested clarified with your mentors. I recommend using PWMs to test the ADCs with an appropriate set of caps and resistors, that way testing can be automated.
12:45 panto: let me show what I mean…
12:45 panto:
12:45 ds2: bradfa: and I think that is the case for the designers of the PRU :wink:
12:45 panto: note that I also have protothreads running
12:45 ZubairLK: jkridner|work: thanks for the tip
12:45 jkridner|work: ZubairLK: I believe all interfaces provided by the ADC IIO driver (SYSFS and IIO syscalls) need to be tested.
12:45 ds2: ZubairLK: what are you studying at school?
12:45 ZubairLK: ds2: Msc embedded systems.
12:46 ds2: ZubairLK: have you gone through RC filters, time constants, etc?
12:46 jkridner|work: please consider the official part of the weekly meeting completed and please continue to interact to solve your project challenges!