[ beagleboard ]: partition deletion after mount


i succeded in creating a double partition MMC.

1st partition: is FAT and contains MLO and a uImage builded
by myself

2nd partition: is ext3 and contains a root filesystem

The system boot successfully and i can log in Angstrom and do whatever
i want.

But if I halt the system ( calling 'halt ' or ' reboot ' or simply
powering down my beagleboard ) the 2nd partition in the MMC is
damaged or cancelled. In fact it's no more readable netither by
nor by my PC.

Any suggestion,
thanks in advance.


In my experience “shutdown -h now” will shutdown a linux machine cleanly. “halt” or “reboot” take immediate action, without closing running programs, or unmounting fielsystems.


Oddly, I have had no issues with this by simply unplugging the beast (even though I expected problems). In general, though, “shutdown -h now” is the preferred method.