beagleboard Pointers

I am starting afresh on beagleboard black. i am getting confused with so much information available on net. Can somebody point me to the best documentation/Video to get quick started. My first aim is to exercise all the Interface of the processor.
Thanks in Advance.


I would recommend that you go to the website of Derek Molloy.

There are many tutorials and videos about the BeagleBone Black,
getting started, and how to program.

Best regards,
— Graham

Key point I might mention is that Linux is Linux, is Linux. Past that, Debian, is Debian is Debian

The point here ? The point is you can often very easily adapt something from lets say a rPI guide to work with a beagleboard, or beaglebone. It really is that simple, and if you do not know how, then you need to understand Linux better,