BeagleBoard pppd help

Hi there,

Its been so very, very long since using linux. I have ubuntu natty installed on my beagleboard and am trying to connect a gsm modem. I appear to have it setup and running using sudo pppd call gsm but after the script finishes I cannot get back to the command prompt. I suspect it is working but I can’t check using ifconfig. Is this because I’m using only a serial console to connect? Is there a way to do this while using the serial console?


I'm not sure what exactly what your trying to do but putting an "&"
after script name on the cli will start the script as a separate

The serial console is like any other console. Using Ubuntu 11.04 and ifconfig works logged in either as user or root.

I misread your problem, you wouldn't get a prompt back unless you run the ppd script as a background process - "sudo pppd <options> &".

Thank you, thank you, thank you - I completely forgot about using the &

Working like a charm

for alternatif usage of gsm modem, I can suggest that you can use pppconfig. I use it and to connect modem you write only pon and no need to & char. because it works on backside.