[beagleboard] Re: BeagleBone Black - No HDMI Output

Give this a try. I expect this to be the production image.



Request an RMA!


Maybe. Not sure. We are still learning about some of these connectors and how they hold up. They can have issue sometime with quality. They are small and light!.

Just do the RMA and we will take care of you!


Hello Gerald,

I am Ashwin. I am using Beaglebone Black with 7.11 wheezy image with LCD monitor. Previously it was working fine.but suddenly it started to show blank screen. I have been following the thread about the HDMI issue in BBB closely and followed almost all the steps suggested by everyone but no use. I am still having the issue.

I have done checking about the

  1. status of the device connected to hdmi port
  2. parse-edid edid
  3. changed the screen resolution and frame rate using xrandr as well as in /boot/uEnv,txt
  4. Even reflashed 2 times but no use.

I require your help with this one. Can you suggest me any other solution?

Thanks in Advance,