[beagleboard] Re: How do I install Ubuntu with video output ?

When I power the BeagleBone (5V, maximum is 5A) the power LED stops after 10
sec of nothing.
I own this DVI Cape : http://www.tigal.com/product/2411

When I use sudo ./mk_mmc.sh --mmc /dev/sdb --uboot bone --distro
precise-armhf to create the SD Card I get a tux logo on the screen and
nothing else. (still only a boot partition on the SD card)

Please try again, I pushed a partial revert and it's working with dvid
audio cape. (For some reason, my monitor edid is messing with the i2c
detection, so i have to first unplug the monitor, boot, then plug in
after a few minutes..) but your seeing a screen..

I don't understand why I only have a boot partition. It seems like there is
no system partition. What should I do ?

Of course these is no system partition, it's a "NetInstall" just the
boot partition is created with just enough to "boot" into the
"debian-installer" which will install your os from over the Network..


these instructions are really good here


I somehow killed the terminal after I saw this below message is there another way to determine
what this version was or should I rebuild the kernel?

Script Complete
eewiki.net: [user``@localhost``:~$ export kernel_version=``3``.X.Y-Z]

Copy and Paste that “export kernel_version=3.X.Y-Z” exactly as shown in your own build/desktop environment

Just run


again, it’ll take around a minute…