[beagleboard] Re: I reformatted the beaglebone blacks flash instead of my SD card



If you do everything right, the only difference between BB and Pi is the pushing of one button and waiting 45 minutes.


So I did this, and hold down the boot button so it boots from the SD card, but it won’t last. After a few reboots, my computer doesn’t recognize the beaglebone when plugged in, and I have to hold down the boot button, and wait 45 minutes all over again, just to get it going one more time.

This damn thing is way harder to use than the Rpi. I’m about to send it back.

People have spent over a year fixing all the software issues with the RPi. The BeagleBone Black is brand new and you can’t expect it to be as polished – yet. Eventually it should catch up with RPi. But elsewhere on this forum, some of the project managers have said that the timeline for finishing all the software work has slipped until Q4. So it’s not going to be an RPi-like experience for a few more months.