[beagleboard] Re: Kernel module gpio interrupt speeds

Oh sorry, I should have been more specific. I am trying to do it over
GPIO. I.E. PXCLK interrupts, driver reads a byte YUV[0-7] from GPIO.
Once there is a whole frame, it writes it to a buffer. At this point
I'm just looking to hack this together if possible, I don't have time
for new components. Literally the question about interrupt speed is
all that matters haha

Any idea if the 5MHz interrupt is attainable through a Kernel module?
The driver works, the Raspberry Pi just doesn't interrupt fast enough.

Take a look at the PRUs. Or buy a camera that can connect to an
interface that's available, like EMIF or MMC. Or, learn VHDL and get
an FPGA to do the high speed interfacing to the camera and present a
standard EMIF interface to the ARM processor.

GPIO bit banging at these kinds of speeds is not something most Linux
systems can handle without some hardware help.