[beagleboard] Re: need help with SD card image for Rev C5 Beagleboard

Thanks, Troy. Those look like some of
the clearest instructions I've found so

Progress is being made. I can log in
as root on the BB, using 'cu' as a terminal
emulator, and I can see a nice desktop
screen on my DVI monitor.

Unfortunately the (powered) USB hub that
I bought today is dead, so no mouse or
keyboard action yet. But not too bad for
the first evening's effort.


On Sun Jan 15 16:11 , Troy Boswell <troy.boswell1@gmail.com> sent:


I only just started last week and it does seem abit much to start off

It depends on where you want to start. Ubuntu has a very good page:

here you will find all that you need to get ubuntu up and running.

You can download an ubuntu demo image from the links on the page and
follow the auto install instructions.