[beagleboard] Re: X15 - any expansion boards for GPIO access?

Hello Gerald,

Thanks for your mail. I tried to search for that connector, but could
not find it. Hence I am posting it here.

The Beagle board has FX18‐60P‐0.8SV connector. A suitable receptacle
for that is FX18-60S-0.8SV15. To get access to GPIO pins to do some
LED blinking for example, I would need FX18-60S-0.8SV15 to some sort
of a GPIO expansion header. I could not find such a thing. Do you have
any recommendation for that type of a connector?

Thank again,


I wish the distributors (Digikey, Mouser, etc) of the BB-X15 would list this on the same page as the BB-X15…


I think there are 2-3 variants of the mating hirose connector. I believe the differences are in the “heights” of the connector variants, so you may need to take that into account as well…

We made our own PCBA expansion board using this connector. It only breaks out only 30/60 of the signals and has a single layer, so high speed signals might be an issue. Also, the mating hirose connector is reversed 180 degrees with respect to the connector on the BB-X15… The mating connector is keyed, so if you’re placing the connector on a PCBA, with fixed connections to the pins on the connector, then be sure to flush this out beforehand.



Contact me separately (bbb.io/about) if you have a design you’d like to be a standard BeagleBoard.org add-on for X15. No promises or simple process, just trying to get a clear picture of needs and how we can try to get the org to help.

Hi Jeff,
Is there any chance that you have any of the expansion boards you made for sale? I’d be interested in purchasing at least 4 of them if that’s a possibility.
Thank You.

Hi Steve,

I’m just picking back up Linux on the BB-X15, and was looking for expansion headers. Saw a couple of designs online (someone had gerber files available for one design, downloadable online).

These were developed by a hardware engineer on our team to support our custom board port. We really wanted to send this to BB.org after all the help they gave us. But as noted above, the hirose connector was flipped, so we weren’t able to expose the 30 pins we wanted and had to shift the pinmux around to bind peripherals to the available pins… But still, it was useful. I don’t work there anymore. At the time, talked to my manager about releasing this to BB.org, and we discussed it was best to submit to the patent attorney to make sure they were cool with us sending it to BB.org. I wrote something up for legal to get their blessing, but they never got back with me, and I didn’t follow-up with them myself. I should have. One of our Linux guru’s left before this all happened. If he had still been around, I’m sure he could have gotten them to take a look at this. So I apologize for all of this!!