Beagleboard Rev B5 - no Host USB...

I got Beagleboard Rev.B5
in the uservs manual found at
i noticed that section 14.0 states: "The USB host port has been
removed due to layout and other issues on the board that resulted in
instability.." (fixed in Rev C).

So... my question is: how can i play with this board if i cannot
interface with it (keyboard / mouse) ?

i tried adding a USB host connector - but nothing seems to work,
are there any instructions about adding USB host connector anyways
(inspite errors) ?


The USB Host port does not work on Rev B5. Adding a connector to the board does nothing to make it work. That is the reason we took off the connector. You have two options.

First you can use the OTG port in the Host mode by grounding pin 5 of the conenctor. You can then connect it to a USB Hub and go from there.

The second option would be to upgarde to a newer version of the board where the host does work.