[beagleboard] Simple audio IO

Wil the audio cape that already exists work?



Earlier when I was looking over the audio cape, I assumed that it was a four-chip thing. I see now that a single codec chip is sufficient and there will be room for the PLRI circuitry. I think my remaining question is this: How do I make sure this board I’m cooking up will play nice with other boards that might be added to the stack?

You need to look at the schematics of the other boards in the stack you plan to use and see where the conflicts are. It is pretty much impossible to design a cape that works with every current and future cards. If they need the pins you use then you both can’t use them.


I think I understand. No concept of a buss, right?

Well, with a single pin having 8 different functions, the bus would look pretty much like what we already have. Unless of course you fix the functions and only support 12% of the capability of the processor.