[beagleboard] Symbian on Beagleboard

Hi Guys ,

Sorry for the spam but just wanted to introduce you guys to our
Project "Wild-ducks" (http://developer.symbian.org/wiki/index.php/
Wild_ducks_project) , which is all about making a Smartphone with the
Beagle and free Symbian code.

This is a community driven project , where we together as a community
are trying to get the bits and pieces together. A nice introduction to
the project could be found at the Symbain blog.(http://
blog.symbian.org/2010/05/07/introducing-the-wild-ducks/ )

The technical details of the project are available at the project wiki
and we also have a mailing list to fuel the exchange of ideas. We are
also getting some new friends for the BeagleBoard – one is a modem
expansion board with a Telit modem (and some more goodies) and the
other is a pluggable touch LCD. The motivation is to keep the HW cost
as low as possible and at the same time have a modular and extendable

As you must be aware that the whole of the Symbian platform is now
available under EPL , virtually any one can get the code and use it.
Having said that , we do see Wild-Ducks as the foundation for further
community projects around the BeagleBoard and Symbian. It has
something for everyone whether you’re a developer, member company,
university student, entrepreneur, or just a technology enthusiast

We are trying to engage with some of the member companies in the
ecosystem to seek more contributions , but I will be delighted if the
project has anything to interest you guys as well. At this stage, we
need support , especially from the already rich developer base for

If this interests you all , feel free to engage with us or join us on
our mailing list/blog/forum to provide feedback.

Cheers !!!


Lead – Wild Ducks
Symbian Foundation