[beagleboard] TFP410 Hot-Plug Issue

Does anyone have information about the TFP410 (DVI) hot plug issue
where the TFP410 can be damaged during a hot-plug/unplug attempt? It
is severely stated in the BeagleBoard manual not to hot-plug the DVI
interface (via the HDMI connector). My company is creating a design
but would like to not have the hot plug problem on our design. Is the
next BeagleBoard version providing DVI/HDMI in a different hot-
pluggable fashion?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The next design is exactly like the current design in this area. The issue has to do with poorly configured grounding at the user location, something that we cannot control, which can cause issues when plugging in the cable. If you add ESD protection to these signals, it can degrade the signals to the point where they no longer work. The issue we have seen is that the signals get degraded to where they will not work on certain monitors. Not all monitors, just certain ones.


Thank you for the information.