BeagleBoard Toys Vga board, washed out display

The Vga board that I have received from BBtoys seems to have several issues, probably they are manufacture issues as the board has to be bent with some force for it to send the display signals to the lcd, I have visually inspected the board but there are no sings of elements unsoldered or similar

To get the display working a constant pressure on the board to bend it a little i needed, this can only be made after the board is a little warm

The pin 1 from the J1 header (BBT vga side) is cut (as in there is no pin, intended by the manufacturer?) this is the pin that connects to the pin 1 on LCD P13 header (Beagle side) and this carries 3.3v, might this be the issue?

After the image signal is sent to the display (board warmer adn bendable), the image is very washed out, like when display’s gamma is around 3 or more, you can see that the colors are correct but very washed out, and there are some, kinda noise, green lines

Here are some screenshots to show what the issue is

This is on the beagle board with the BBtoys vga module:

This is with the display connected to an NVidia card and the beagleboard dekstop via vnc:

You can see this clearly in the first screenshot, see the green background, there are some very distinctive lines on some image edges)

The second screenshot is the same lcd display connected to an nvidia card on a desktop machine, and displaying the same BeagleBoard Linux desktop but via vnc, you can see the background and other elements (as gradients) are correctly displayed

In the screenhots is not easy to see the “washed out colors” of the vga board output, but the difference is really major (you can see some of this when comparing the background and its gradients of both screenshots)

The display timings used in both screenshots (when connected to the vga board, and when connected to the nvidia card) are the same

If anyone have experienced somethng similar, or if you could please suggest something to identify the issues (or probably there is a testing procedure for this vga module?), I will greatly appreciate your input

Note: I have sent several emails to BBtoys and after some of them I have received a “someone will contact you soon” message, that is why Im posting in this list
Another Note: Tested changing the gamma settings, but not in Angstrom nor in Ubuntu nor in Android this sems supported