[beagleboard] UART2 Flow Control

I am trying to get CTS/RTS flow control on UART2 on a C4 board. I've
been able to verify that the lines are working on the hardware with a
scope. However, when printing to the serial printer connected to the
UART2, flow control is ignored on the Beagleboard side.

I have verified that the pad configuration is correct and have also
tried multiple variations just in case I was wrong. The result is
always the same. Data goes out to the printer, but when the printer
changes the handshaking line, the Beagleboard does not stop printing.

Also, I have verified that the serial settings in Linux are also
correct with the correct baud rate (parity, data bits...) and with CTS/
RTS enabled.

Any suggestions? Does hardware flow control on UART2 even work?