[beagleboard] UBL Question


Does anyone successfully written the UBL image in block 1/5 from linux userspace? I need a way to write the ubl image for the firmware upgrade and the only access that I have is the linux userspace.



Have you atleast removed the read-only tag from your kernel?


line 61


Hi Robert,

What tools did you use to write the UBL image on that block after booting the kernel with the write permission?.
In my case, I am using a NAND flash and I need a tool to write the image.



You'll need to use flash_eraseall and nandwrite utilities to erase and
flash your images into it - note that you'll need the signed version
of x-loader (x-load.bin.ift) with the magic block signature on the
first page.

You'll also need to ensure that you use HW ECC (instead of default SW
ECC) when you write in the image. I'm not sure if you can dynamically
change the ECC generation type at run-time in user-space - based on
what i know, it might be a compile time define in the kernel in the
platform driver. Either way, it is defn possible to do what you're
asking :slight_smile: