[beagleboard] Unique identifier in DMSoC and SoC?

There is not uuid available to TI. What are you talking about?

I asked on the Texas Instruments forum at http://e2e.ti.com/support but did not receive a reply. Hence, I am asking this forum.

The Olimex uses a Freescale iMX233 ARM926J processor. The Hercules Linux netbook and the Genesi EFIKA MX Linux netbook use a ARM CortexTM A8 FreescaleTM i.MX515. Olimex forum replied that their Freescale processor has an UUID. Genesi support replied that most likely their Freescale processor has an UUID because of Digital Rights Management. The entertainment industry requires an UUID as a condition to grant video codecs.

support@freescale.com replied that their processors that do not have an UUID are “devices of i.MXS or i.MXL series.” Unfortunately, this rules out Olimex, Hercule sand Genesi Efika. There are no single boards nor netbooks with an i.MXS or i.MXL processor.

Since the 1990’s, Intel and AMD inserted an UUID in their processor. Initially, computer manufacturers offered an option in the BIOS to hide the UUID. Then they stopped offering this option. Starting with last year’s models, computers display the UUID in their BIOS. The UUID is visible to IT administrators, hackers, websites and websites that have been hacked. They can sell the UUID and other tracking information to information brokers who resell it to investigators who resell it to abusers. I am a domestic violence victim . My abuser hired investigators and hackers. His hackers are geolocating my netbooks by tracking the UUID of my processor. I have removed the internal wifi/bluetooth card. I use brand new network adapters to get a new MAC address since I could not configure MacChanger to start at start up in Fedora. I connect to the internet using live DVDs. It no longer my abuser’s hacker’s malware that is cyberstalking me. They are geolocating me via my UUID and firmware rootkits in my BIOS and graphic card.I could not erase the firmware rootkits by relfashing the BIOS. I don’t know how to flash a graphic card. I purchased a new netbook. Used a live DVD. They procured the UUID of my processor and geolocate my brand new netbook.

Does anyone know for sure whether the processor in either BB has an UUID?

It has a die ID..


Most of the ID is used for core revision info between omap/am/dm familes..