[beagleboard] Update the latest image of BBB is failed

That is not the latest version. Follow the link on the card that came in the box with the board as instructed,


You will end up here after following the links in the table of contents.



Thank you Gerald.
But I’m still confused between the “latest image 2013.04.13” and the “production image 2013.05.08”.
Which one is the real latest one?


If you read on the page it says the latest image may not be the same as the production image. Use the one with most recent date. The beagleboard.org page is supposed to be updated. But for whatever reason, the person that handles that has not done it.


I just finished flashing my BBB with production image 2013.05.08 and all the login problems I had with the first upgrade went away. I believe that’s the one you need to use to re-flash the eMMC.


Does it really take up to 45 minutes to flash the software? Seems a
little long for such a small image.

  every reflash i've done takes around that long, yes.

If I experience a power outage during a flash will it hose the board
or can I just start a reflash?

  from what i've seen as to how the flashing works, you should just be
able to start over. the flashing process assumes it has to format the
eMMC from scratch so whatever happened before shouldn't matter. unless
someone has information to the contrary.


Yes it takes 45 minutes just as the Wiki says.


Yes if the power goes out or you unplug it, it will start over when you try it again.


45 minutes is actually a fast write speed for flash memory. My custom Linux, The Deck, takes much longer to write to an SD card, with some cards it takes over 3 hours.