[beagleboard] USB drivers

Thanks Jan. Do you know any references for gadget codes supporting windows? I couldn't find any references fro windows specifically.

If you mean Windows host code for accessing Linux USB gadget devices, Windows applications can use libusb:


You can probably also use WinUSB directly for devices in vendor-defined classes:


Some gadget devices belong to USB classes (mass storage, virtual serial port) and can use the Windows API or .NET classes for these devices.

In other words, the device code doesn't need anything special to enable communications with a Windows host. The Windows host just needs an application that knows how to access the device's endpoints.


Hi Jan,
I need my BeagleBone to work in slave mode, when connected to a windows machine (or linux). Do you know a specific way of doing this?
Also, if I can get the board to work in slave mode, do I need to write drivers for it, if yes how? do I follow the same steps you mentioned in your previous reply.