[beagleboard] USB Problems on BB C3


I was using the BeagleBoard some time back and now I have again started
using it. This is for a hobby project that I am working on.

The USB now has stopped working on the latest OE build.

I have tried loading an old image on the mmc and then boot the board.
And it works perfectly fine. Below is the part of the console output.

Check the kernel config on your OE build - some recent OE kernels have
had the USB OTG set in 'BOTH' mode (ie both Host and Device modes,
selected dynamically) which doesn't seem to work. Older kernels that
did work had only HOST enabled.


Use the 2.6.32 kernel from angstrom, that supports proper otg host activation nowadays.



How do I choose it? Maybe a noob question, I tried searching but could
not find an answer.
The current checkout uses the .29 kernel. And the USB does not work on