[beagleboard] userland SPI master on beaglebone A3?


i just got a beaglebone A3. it's nice!

but, having never used a beagleboard before, and being generally new
to embedded linux, i'm slightly confused by the virtual device system
in /sys/class/

thanks to some online examples, i can map the /sys/class/gpio/
locations and poll / set GPIO pins.

but what i would really like is to use the beaglebone as an SPI
master, and the correct use of the /sys/class/spi/ locations remains

is it easy to explain? is there some existing example code for
userland SPI? or should i proceed directly to writing a device driver?

i've tried looking online a bit, and found only missing links and some
references to apparently nonexistent SPI drivers. so it seemed like a
good time to post the question.

many thanks for your help!

- ezra b

i'm also looking for a solution here-- can anyone offer some



Hey Guys,

Some resources I have seen others post on here that look to be useful:





The main page where I started looking for this is here:

I'm new to the beaglebone myself (only had it for a couple weeks), but
the ECE497 has been a great resource. Its designed for previous beagle
boards, but the information applies with a bit of thinking. I wish I
could be of more help, but this is the extent of my current knowledge
(for now)

Have a good one,


many thanks!

so, this is the one that i think i needed to look at:


and the upshot of it seems to be that i have to patch the kernel with
HW-specific configuration as in:


in order to make the SPIDEV driver available. which is to say,
experimenting with SPI settings requires rolling a new kernel for
every change...

can anyone simply confirm that this is correct?

again, sorry for the naive questions; your time is greatly appreciated!



did you able to solve this problem. We are also little bit confused
regarding how to make the SPI work in BeagleBone. Any help from
someone would be appreciated. Thanks.


Does this work the same as on the other Beagle Boards?