Beagleboard video output


I have recently purchased a Beagleboard xM and am aware of its video
output as only DVI-D (with HDMI connector) and I should use DVI-D or
HDMI supported monitor. However, since I do not have such monitor
(have VGA LCD monitors) and would not want to invest in HD monitors, I
wanted to know if I can use a TV Tuner (I have external TV tuner) and
connect Beagleboard (S-Video) --> TV Tuner (S-Video) --> TV Tuner
(VGA) --> VGA Monitor (LCD)?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Vivek,
normally, it is no problem to use the S-video output of your
Beagleboard and you can test it very easy if you want.
You can activate your s-video changing your boot.scr as it is
explained on the following website on the section "Beagle Bx/Cx & xM"
Good luck,

Just check the s-video with a normal TV and if it works fine then u may proceed with vga conversion using ur tuner card…