[beagleboard] What to do after starting Angstrom

I just got my “Beagleboard” revision C4 and I followed all the instructions in the wiki to get Angstrom running and logged in as root.I want some help regarding integrating various sensors to beagle board and receive data from them and process it (for example a UART IMU for attitude solution).All the tutorial I have seen till now are on getting Angstrom started on Beagleboard but not on what to do after Angstrom starts running.Can someone please point me in the right direction or right tutorials?


more specifically I want to read data from uart2 receiver and process the data to generate a control signal which I will again send through uart2 transmitter to control a low level daughter board to control motors and other peripherals.I need help in getting started or right online resources.I already installed Angstrom and its running fine.I am confused about the way I can use Beagleboard.

I did it this way :

1- cross compile QT-embedded for the beagleboard using the OpenEmbedded generated cross-compiler.
2- download QT-Creator , write your app and cross compile it
3- copy the generated QT libraries to /usr/local/Trolltech/QT-Embedded xxxx …
4- run the cross compiled application @2

In this way you have both a nice IDE and easy to use powerful libraries


Why not use the QT provided with angstrom? It's 4.6.2 and supports the sgx. You can even get toolchains with QT/e in it http://www.angstrom-distribution.org/toolchains/

As a matter of fact I had issues , and still have them, in building the libraries with opengl sgx support.
Tomorrow I’ll unpack the tar.bz2 and see if I am able to use it.