[beagleboard] Which way BBBW or BBGW

Now that the BBBW is out (in stock), my question is: Which one, the BBBW
or the BBGW board for a project? This project will be small volume
this year (under 15), but could grow to 25 - 50 annually. Yes, the
obvious differences are the number of on board USB ports and the
removal of the power jack from the BBGW (both a non-issue for me). The
other obvious difference is the price, $20 difference here in the USA
(that is a big difference). I'm just trying to get a good gut check on
which way to go. I've been working the both the BBG and BBGW and have
had no problems. Why should one spend the extra money for the BBBW? Are
Octavo and GHI going to be around awhile and yes, Seeed Studios could
go away tomorrow (I understand that). Are there any real technical
differences between the two, ie performance, heat dissipation, noise
immunity, noise radiation....? They both seem to have the same wireless
TI part, so no differences there???

Anyway, thanks for listening. If possible any feedback would be greatly

The beaglebone black wireless seems to have HDMI, where the beaglebone green’s do not.

Well, that, and the beaglebone black wireless also does not have the two grove connectors. Which personally I found no use for.

Forgot to mention that one (HDMI), another don't need for my project.
So, it does seem to be a self answering question, go with the BBGW. I
just want to make sure that is the best decision, considering all known
factors (pricing, availability, longevity, reliability, compatibility,
support, other user's experiences....).

Thanks again,

I think the SiP on the beaglebone black wireless is really cool, but it also seems to add cost. For board designers the SiP is a god send, for many reasons. But in cases like this where it adds additional costs to an “end product” . . . yeah.

Hopefully, once the sales of the SiP increase over time. The cost will come down.