beagleboard with analog inputs to display unit

I am fairly new to beagleboard and I was wondering if there was a way
I could take an input at different voltage levels into the expansion
port, create a function that if the input voltage is greater than a
certain threshold, a certain image will be displayed on the screen.

If not different levels of voltage, then maybe just a "high" or "low"
possibly through gpio capability?

I'm not as familiar with the Beagle Board, but certainly the
BeagleBone has analog inputs and can process those inputs and compare
to a reference. The board can display different images based on the
result. This is basic technology. What exactly are you asking
about? Are you looking for step by step instructions?


a step by step instruction would be nice but i would also like to
learn and if there is anywhere on the web that can help me learn more
about these aspects of the beagleboard, please let me know. Also in
terms of coding, how can I code in the beagleboard? I am fairly fluent
in C++, and know a good amount of java and C. Would i be able to
analyze that signal with a function and then control the LCD screen