Beagleboard with Simulink interfacing


I am involved in a Senior Design project at my university where my group is building a stand-alone 100Watt guitar amplifier with digital effects. We are using the BeagleBoardXM to process the signal and Simulink to manipulate it. My questions:

  1. How can we interface with the board with knobs (to control the gain, effects level)?

  2. How can we run the program without an external computer hooked up so it will be stand-alone?

  3. How do we access the board inputs (for the knobs) through Simulink?

Any help will be appreciated, Thank you


Im sorry about posting this twice. please ignore this one

i think you should use c-code s-functions to access knobs via the gpio-pins of the Beagleboard. Thera ara a lot tutorials about accessing gpios with a c-programm.


Dear sir,
I have Beagle board-XM and one of my student is doing project on facial recognition on matlab. Now want to port the same on to beagle board. Could any body suggest me the steps in achieving that. Please provide me links for that too.

Create a low pass filter before the audio input. It seems to clean up the sound a bit. Make it about 6khz or so

I was talking analog. 6khz is low depending on your application. You might could play with some resistors and figure out the best match. But getting a new codec could fix it altogether I guess