[beagleboard] X11VNC on Debian Wheezy


You will see from a number of my posts that I have been playing about with
VNCing onto my beagleboard C4 trying Gnome and KDE as the GUI's, I'm doing
this because I don't have a compatible monitor and I'm unlikely to get one
in the neat future. All my experiments so far result in the creation of a
new Gnome or KDE session when I VNC on the BeagleBoard, what I would like to
do is VNC into the Display:0.

Now I understand that this should be possible using X11VNC but in order for
it to work I believe an xserver will need to be running?

I tried the following:

x11nvc -display :0 &

but it failed because the xserver wasn't running I tried calling startx but
it failed with command not found.

I'm using the follow linux kernel:

BeagleBoardDebian - eLinux.org

My questions are as follows:

1) Does the above linux build ship with a desktop gui or is it only terminal

Just terminal, (by default to save server bandwidth) if you want a
gui, install a gui... "sudo apt-get update ; sudo apt-get install

2) How should I start the xserver?

startx (but see (1/3))

3) What package would I need to download to install the startx command.

sudo apt-get install xinit


3) When KDE is installed does it start automatically at boot or only when
calling startkde from the command prompt?

Depends on what kde meta package you install, but in most cases it'll
auto start the xorg server and start with a login prompt.. To get a
full kde desktop do: sudo apt-get install task-kde-desktop