BeagleBoard-X15 A2 availability

Just wanted to give you a quick update on BeagleBoard-X15 as some 50 or so Rev A2 beta boards are currently available at RS Components. These beta boards are not certified FCC compliant, so the distribution is still a bit limited.

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Has all hope ended of full release boards becoming available? I received the following today from Mouser:

Hello David,

I wanted to share some information on your PO number listed above for the BeagleBoard-X15, part number 595-999-0006389. The EMS that makes these for the BeagleBoard organization has not been able to provide an accurate schedule and delivery time on these products. This particular product was on order for a very long time and there is no guarantee that we will ever get them.

We are trying to clean up the backorders for these parts and this extremely strange situation. Unfortunately there is not another source for this product at this time. BeagleBoard and Mouser are working on finding another source for them, but that is no means going to be an overnight fix and there is no way to predict when/if that will happen because of all the approvals that have to be met.

We can leave them on backorder if you would like, or you can cancel this order. Please let me know.

I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you.

Best regards,

Brad Taylor
Director of Sales
Product Support
Mouser Electronics, Inc.
(817) 804-3842
Fax: (817) 804-3882

If they will ever see the light of day, I can continue to wait. If not, I can just move on…


Mouser canceled their orders several months ago. Other orders are still in place. Rev B1 Boards will start shipping in 2-3 weeks after we wrap up FCC.

RS has boards.


I think once we can get a schedule locked down, we can get Mouser on board. They still are looking to satisfy their backorders by my understanding.

I have been one of their backorders. I’ve been hanging in with them forever and it sounded like they wanted to be rid of me, so I finally cancelled. I was just concerned that this was some sort of death-knell for availability.

I don’t care where I buy it particularly.

I don’t really care much even about FCC approval. For my purposes (SDR) everything will get heavy secondary shielding and probably never leave my shop. I’m about exploring this approach to certain goals at this stage, not an end product.

If the difference between the currently available units and the next round is at this level, I may just order one of this lot.

RS’s site seems want to believe that I live in the UK, though.

I’m sure that this has been painful to you all.



Let me know if you can’t make the order at RS work.

Hi Jason,

I had ordered an X15 way back in January with Mouser. They have kept pushing the ship date, and the current ETA is 11th July! Would you be able to help me with realistic date for getting one in my hands?


Unfortunately, I don’t have a realistic date. If you need a board ASAP, get the AM5728 EVM. X15 processor ship dates have slipped out and we might not have any more processors for some months still. It seems someone is buying them all up and we aren’t getting any. I’m working this within TI, but don’t have a better answer as of right now.

Hi Jason,

Thanks for the frank answer. I guess I will have to figure out some other platform for now then, because of constant unavailability. The EVM is pretty expensive!

Today, you still need to buy an EVM. Otherwise. I expect stock some time this summer.

Hi Jason,

Any update on the X15s?

Some more minor delays, but testing on Rev C went pretty well. First rev C boards to distributors should ship in a couple of weeks according to PTI.

Hi Jason,

What's the latest?

Some rev C boards shipped to distributors yesterday and are likely to arrive for them early next week is the latest news. Mouser, Digi-Key and Arrow. Not sure about the backlog of orders at any of them. Didn’t get any set aside for me, despite many pre-requests to do so, so don’t ask; I have a total of 1 rev C on my desk.

in-stock now.. 62 available... :wink:




Are these revision C?