beagleboard-x15 cape fpga microcontroller adc dac sdram


please give feedback of the project :



please give feedback of the project :

The two boards have different expansion connectors. I’d want to see some initial schematics before I’m convinced you can execute on this.

Hi Mr. J. Kridner,

I think the new cape for the beagleboard-x15 will be ready in one month…

Hi all,

In order to make the BOM of my project of Add-on Cape / the beagleboard-x15, I now choose the ADC for my board. So basically, I have to make up my mind between the 12 bits ADC ADS5522 and the 14 bits ADC ADS5542. Did anyone have real experience bases to tell me differences of them ?

I have been many times told there is pratically no difference between these chips for simple SDR applications of my projects, about remote wireless comm, oscilloscope, wave generator…

Send me your advices.

Thank you !!

New website :

First eng. sample now sold on :

I’ve been provided a sample. I need to find some quick start information to try out.


Great, you just finally received it.

Please go to

Thanks !


I would like to offer my sponsorship of a software defined radio board to student engineer or researcher to work on any open source project that will involve the community. My hardware will be the BeagleSDR add-on board as best current cape for the Beagleboard-x15. It has a FPGA, AVR microcontroller, and high speed ADC/DAC, i2c programmable clock… This open source project probably last at least one month or more as your hobby, and as the mine too because I’ll provide some technical support to you. We’ll review all together. It will definitely depends on your speed on work and your final interest. It would suit a student, researcher, hobbyist, technology idealist, with as much as possible spare time. If you are familiar with FPGA, Microcontroller, Linux, Gnuradio, C/C++/Python, DSP optimization programming, if you have strong embedded linux experience, and you have the conviction to make an open source project for people and ideally have a goal in Global Navigation Satellite Systems, or Outer Space Wave, Astrophysics, Wireless control, Radio, or doing research like in data processing, have an antenna, a telescope, a microscope, would like to see interaction of waveform… Please apply with your short bio, CV, your postal address and relevant experience. I will send a free sample of BeagleSDR to your office or home. Thanks for your trust !