Beagleboard-X15 How to enable I2C, CAN bus and UART


When I used beaglebone Black from image Debian 9.5 2018-08-30 4GB SD IoT (

and I want to enable I2C, CAN bus and UART

I can set from /boot/uEnv.txt inline

cape_enable=bone_capemgr.enable_partno=BB-CAN1, BB-I2C2, BB-UART2, BB-UART3, BB-UART4

and When I want to show it with command: cat /sys/devices/platform/bone_capemgr/slots

it can show cape_slots no problem.

But when bought BEAGLEBOARD-X15 and Install image bbx15-debian-9.5-iot-armhf-2018-09-23-4gb.img.xz ( )

it can run on debian no problem but I found when i want to enable interface it cannot open.

and don’t have bone_capemgr/slots in /sys/devices/platform

My goal is want to use CAN bus, UART, I2C from expansion pinout under board follow in BEAGLEBOARD_X15_REV_B1 schematic



uboot 2017.01

kernel linux 4.14.71-ti-rt-r69

root file debian 9.5