BeagleBoard X15 _PCIe

Hi all,
I designed the base board for BeagleBoard x15 with reference of TI TMDSEVM572X Evaluation Module (EVM). In that board i need to check the PCIe & SATA. Since iam new to this PCIe & SATA part so please any one help me to bringup the PCIe & SATA like how to enable the PCIe & SATA and suggest the PCIe & SATA device for checking purpose.

i flashed the image given in the
AM5729 Debian 10.3 2020-04-06 8GB SD IoT TIDL

whether above package consist of PCIe & SATA features enabled by default or we need to enable the PCIe & SATA.

so kindly do the needful.

SATA is enabled, PCIe is not…

For PCIe, enable the kernel config and follow TI’s docs on PCIe…