BeagleBoard-X15 production board update


Apologies if this has been covered recently.

I am wondering what the current status of BeagleBoard-X15 production boards is. The wiki seems to imply that production boards would be shipping this week but, it also says that only A2 versions are currently available. Can anyone clarify what is on sale on RS UK as a BeagleBoard-X15 here and, if it is not a production board, when they are expected to go on sale in the UK?

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RS will have the B1 in the coming weeks. Right now we are working on a discoloration issue with the inductors when the board gets really hot. We are thinking the B1 version will not have the same issue due to some layout changes we made as well as some other things we are working on. The plan now is to start building some boards next week to make sure the issue is resolved. The discoloration in now way affects the operation of the board, it is just a side affect of the heat generated by the processor.

We are working to get some US distributors online as well. Once we have those, we will start ramping to volume.


The discoloration in now way affects the operation of the board, it is just a side affect of the heat generated by the processor.

In no way ?

Just want to be clear. I have overactive fingers sometimes too.

There is metal in the ferrite and they can oxidize when exposed to high heat. As long as the heatsink it on it should be fine. If you plan to run it full board, you may need to use the fan. We are looking to coat the top of the inductors to prevent the discoloration.

Here is a link to another instance of this with another inductor


Thanks for the info. Will look forward to seeing them on RS in the coming weeks then. Good luck with the US distributors.

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Special Computing has stepped up as lead distributor offering both A2 and B1 versions plus related accesories.

Special Computing

I’ll get that up on the X15 page later today as it is official.

Is there an update on upcoming availability this quarter? It looks like things have dried up…


Keep looking at the above link.


Back in March 2016 when it looked like the X15 might be delayed, I did a quick Google for similar-ish boards if the X15’s form factor wasn’t crucial to your application. They all look to be still in stock 10 months later, and TI have launched their IDK in the meantime which I’ve added to the list. Hopefully the X15 will join the list this quarter.

Boards: Starter Kit (price not shown) Eval Dev Kit ($599) Industrial Dev Kit ($899) Mini-DTX Motherboard ($505)

Modules: (price not shown) ($250)

Prices shown are for 1 offs at today’s exchange rate ignoring any border duties getting into the US.