BeagleBoard-X15 with IEEE 1588 (PTP) PHY chips


The specs for the new X15 are quite impressive. However I think it is missing one thing: PHY chips that support IEEE 1588, i.e. Precision Time Protocol (PTP). For example: which is TIs DP83640 chip. I think this would open up the board to even more developers, not just myself. The X15 could really benefit from using PTP to sync with the outside world.

I am currently looking for a dev board for prototyping. The BeagleBoard-X15 fits my needs perfectly, except for the lack of IEEE 1588 supporting PHYs.

Here are my questions:

  1. Is there any possibility that this will be incorporated into the design of the X15?
  2. How hard is the process of adding IEEE 1588 support to the X15 (hardware-wise)? It’s not as simple as replacing the chip, is it? (seems too easy to be correct)


We have no plans to do so at this time. The space on the board is very tight and this device is larger that what is there now. It would take a lot of work and the changing of the board dimensions to get it in.



I don’t believe that the Phy is what determines the 1588 compliance. My understanding is that it is the MAC.
On the BBB the MAC is what is 1588 compliant. The 8710 phy says nothing about this. As a matter of fact,
none of the datasheets I have on phys say anything about 1588. The phy is just the physical interface part
of the equation, so it is likely that the MAC and software are what you need for the 1588 to work. Have a
look at the TRM for the X15 processor’s MAC and see what you find. If you’re lucky, maybe there’s code for
the BBB that you can leverage to the X15.



I did a quick g-search.
There are apparently several ways to implement the 1588 protocol. From all software to a combo of
hardware and software. Most however don’t seem to need a specific phy solution.
So, it looks like you should be in luck. Unless code development is not in your wheelhouse.