[beagleboard] XDS100v2 emulator problem with BeagleBone Black

Google the list someone claimed to have ported the gel TI supplies for the white to the black. Did you think the processor gets uninitialized by magic ?

From Android 4G on HTC Sense dual core SnapDragon.

Thanks. Since I am new to ARM programming, I had no idea what a GEL file was.

I found this excellent tutorial on how to make a GEL file for the BeagleBone Black :

So, I now know what a GEL file is and mostly what it does. My background is electronics design (the last 20 years spent doing PCB design for embedded processors), with some low level driver programming so that the “real programers” could use my libraries to interface with the hardware.

I may be dating myself, but most of the last programming I did was on Motorola 68020, 68HC11, AT&T DSP32C, and early TI DSP 320 series processors. On those, we just connected up an emulator, and started downloading and debugging files.

I am bored in retirement, so hence the BeagleBone programming (keeps me busy and off the streets). I have a project in mind where I need to control at least 8 GPIO ports so that they can be switched on and off at a rate of around 250 KHz. Also, there can be no delay between the time one port changes and the next one changes of no greater than 1 microsecond. The only way that I can see this accomplished, is by down and dirty “bare metal” programming.

Again, thanks for your help.


GEL files used to be used alot to automate V&V test cases software but TI is moving away from .gel for automation

as far as processor initialization

Any processor that has a memory controller and a memory map that uses this external memory or needs certain registers inititialized to run using an emulator has these startup scripts. typically the HW vendor suppplies these as TI does for the BBW

MMU and cache init would be another reasons. holding certain processors in reset on a multicore SOC is another application for these script

Lauterbach scripts are called PRACTICE
TI JTAG used .gel
GreenHills JTAG has its one scripts
Applied Microsystems had another script

Recently i USED a gel file that loaded our code into a large external RAM
for a TI28335 that had internal RAM and FLASH. WHY? we got more breakpoints and it loaded faster.

Being a HW type is always good focus on the HW differences between the white and black and then look at the gel file supplied with white and adjust the gel file for the difference ie RAM size and timings

also barebones type questions TI's E2E forum is another resource for questions they have to answer in a timely manner I take it you heard of starterware its another good resource for working NON OS code