beagleboard-xm Angtrom install matrix-gui

I have a beagleboard-xm
I have prepared a new sd card 8GB and installed a Angstrom image
follow this guide:
Therefore my card has a 2 partitions and Angstrom works right.
Now I would like to know how to install a matrix-gui.
Can you help me?
Best regards
Paolo Preioni (Italy)

Please only follow the instructions at

I also read the instruction ot
But my query is the same:
After I finish to unpack and boot a demo inage, I don’t understand how to install a matrix-gui.
Preioni Paolo

did u try the following?

opkg install matrix-gui-e matrix-gui-common

2011/10/20 Paolo Preioni <>

Thank you for the answer.
I just installed matrix_gui
And now?
How I run the matrix_gui?
If I execute /usr/bin# ./matrix_quiE the answer is:

QWSSocket:: … connection refused
no Qt ofr Embedded Linux Server appear to be running.
If you want to run this program as a server, add the “-qws” command-line option.

I also installed qt4-embedded but the result is the same.


execute ./matrix_quiE -qws

If I execute ./matrix_quiE -qws, I have a DVI monitor black and if I move the mouse I see two cursor and where I move the cursor re-appear the Angstrom desktop.
Preioni Paolo

maxtrix-gui runs as a service, try the following:

/etc/init.d/matrix-gui-e start

2011/10/21 Paolo Preioni <>

thank you for the answer
I try /etc/init.d/matrix-gui-e start and the answer is:
Calibrating touchscreen … ts_calibrate: not found
Ok, because I have a beagleboard-xm connected only a DVI monitor.
Therefore I think that I re-build my project for my hardware: correct?
I follow the guide
and now?

i have found a patch to use matrix-gui with dvi:

2011/10/21 Paolo Preioni <>

I don’t know how apply the patch indicated in the link
moreover I don’t know how disable the touchscreen