Beagleboard XM availablity in India

I am pleased to announce that we now have Beagleboard XM avaliable in stock with us at IDA Systems. Those who have pre-booked/ pre-ordered will be receiving their shipments within the next 7 days.

As the quantity we have in stock is limited those who are interested in ordering the Beagleboard XM may do so now now. Please see

Orders will be processed on a first come first serve basis.



Hello Rakshat,

What will be the price of Beagleboard -XM? I am also interested having one.


Hi All,

       I would like to inform you that beagle board XM is now
available @ Tenet Technetronics, Bangalore, India. They will be
providing free demos @ their premises.

Hope this information helps you to purchase.

For more information about this company go through mentioned below

Rajesh Kumar

Just so everyone know, Tenet Technetronics is not an authorized Beagle distributors and we will not honor the warranty for anyone that purchases boards from them.


We are authorized distributors for Sparkfun and we are selling through
them ! I think its better to know the sales channels through which a
particular vendor sells and then make such comments !

How come a product maker make such a statement ! This really puzzles
me and also the whole idea of open source tools and the model around
that any one can sell the tool holds good !

I would always believe that a manufacturer has a responsible to
support the product irrespctive of the way it reaches to the end use.
We are not forcing any one to buy, our customer base is happy with us
supplying them and may be it is their choice to choose the vendor from
whom they buy.

We have provided replacement support for boards that were faulty in
some cases as well and also trained hundreds of students and
professionals on how to get started with the beagle board all in the
spirit of encouraging people to use open source hardwares. Statements
like these will really bring down the whole spirit !

Please comment on the same !


Spark has not provided us a list of all of their resellers, so it is hard for us to track who they are. I am sorry if I missed that information as Spark has not provided that information to us. You are free to resell them under the Spark name as that is between you and Spark. But you will need to return any RMAs to Spark for repair or replacement by us they are they are the only ones under which we have a repair and suport agreement. We do not have one with you.

You may want to take this up with Spark on how RMAs and support are taken care of.


One more note. You might also want to subscribe to the mailing list. That way your postings won’t be delayed to the group by the moderation process.


Hi Gerald,

Yes. We are submitting our RMA requests through Sparkfun and they have
managed to replace as well as support us well in times which we had
issues with the !

Thanks for commenting on the same. That gives us the beagle board
users in India much clarity.

As far as subscribing to the mailing list , I am in the process of
doing it and will soon have it done !

Thanks for replying !


Please stay in contact with me and let me know how things go. I am concerned about the 100 sub-distributors that Spark Fun has. That is a lot of distributors to keep an eye on so your proactive communication will help!