Beagleboard XM C4 Supply issues ?

I visited a few online sites looking to purchase the Beagleboard XM
Rev C4 board. But
all sites had a qty avail of 0 ? Is there a shortage at the moment ,
and any idea when they will be shipping ?

Rev C4 boards ship every single week. However, when they are received by the distributor they go to fill back orders. As a result, they do not show up as being in stock. Until all back orders are filled, the quantity will show 0. If you like, you can wait until they show 0 to order and you might get your boards in several weeks or you can place your order and get them in a few weeks. Another issue we seem to have is that are people buying more than one board per order which makes it harder to get hem. Currently we have 3000 boards on order from distributors. We are working to get those filled, but it will take a while to get that done.


The only place I've seen stock is Sparkfun, they got 200 last week,
presently still some left. They do sell them at $199 ea.

How about the Beagleboard-XM? Can't find that one anywhere either.

Digikey receives and ships 200 -xM every week. I strongly suggest you place an order with DigiKey and not wait for the magic inventory number to go over 0. If you order them you should get a board in a week or so.

Bottom line is that everything we ship is snapped up by people that do not wait.


Thanks. Awesome product BTW.

Thanks! We try, but sometimes it is a battle to get hem built fast enough!


FYI... Just got my shipped confirmation for the Beagleboard-XM I
ordered yesterday from DIGIKEY which had 03/09/2010 delivery date.

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We shipped Farnell’s order for 250 boards back in October. That order is complete. The new order they have placed for more boards is in the works. All parts have been ordered for the next production run and as soon as those parts arrive, the second production run will start which would be used to supply Farnell and other distributors. We filled all initial orders to all distributors other than DigiKey first on our initial build and we are now filling the rest of the DigiKey order. The second production run is due to start in March when all the parts arrive.