BeagleBoard xM camera module compatibility

Hi BeagleBoard experts,

I'm interested in buying a BB xM to start experimenting with DSP vision algorithms. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find a comprehensive compatibility matrix regarding camera modules for the BB xM. Some mailinglist posting state that this or that camera is supported, but there is no general overview. Especially, operating support is not covered anywhere. It looks like some modules are now supported with the standard Ångström distribution that comes with the board, but what about Ubuntu or QNX?

Could someone point me to a web page or other source of information?

If not, more specifically, I'm searching for a sensor with the following characteristics:

- WXGA resolution (higher resolution not necessary and I would prefer quick capture / high frame rate / lower image noise)
- Gray or better YCCC (I'm expecting low light conditions)
- global shutter if possible (I'm expecting significant camera ego motion)

Ideally, it would be supported on Ubuntu 12.04 and QNX, but I guess, I can manage with Ångström as well.

Thanks a lot in advance,