BeagleBoard-XM can't boot

Dear Miss/Mr.,

I got BeagleBoard-XM. But it’s no information output to Terminal.
How do I burn into the x-loader and u-boot to platform?
What tools do I need to use?
Can you give me more information?

I follow the following flowchart.
1. Format the MMC/SD Card for FAT32 File System using the HP USB Disk
Storage Format Tool 2.0.6:
2. Insert the Card writer/reader into the Windows machine.
3. Insert MMC/SD card into the card reader/writer
4. Open the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool.
5. Select “FAT as File System”. Click on “Start”.
6. After formatting is done Click “OK”
7. Copy the following files on to MMC in the exact order listed. COPY
FIRST! Make sure you name the file as indicated in the BOLD type.
These files
can be found at

But it still can't boot. What steps do I miss?

The -xM has no flash on it to burn. It boots from the SD card. The -xM is shipped with an SD card. Use it to boot the board by inserting it into the SD slot. Make sure that you are using a straight cable. Do not use a null modem cable like the Rev C4 used. Power the board form a 5V supply.

The instruction you are tryng to use are for the Rev C4 and Not the -xM board.


Try this link:


Thanks. I will be try it.