Beagleboard XM Debian beyond 9

Yahoo mail was allowing spam to “slip” through while dunning me for a paid sub, so I decided to do my own email server, and found a beagleboard xM on ebay for cheap. The problem went away on its own, but recently I’ve thought to revive the project. Turns out that Debian has archived release 9! I gained some grey hairs sorting that out, and began to wonder, even though there’s no official beagleboard xM release for debian 11, is there any reason I can’t upgrade? Debian still offers a 32 bit release.


Sorry, the xM looks to have fallen thru the cracks, i really need to find my board and generate some new images…

Here’s the basic building block guide: Debian: Getting Started with the BeagleBoard-xM - Linux Guides - Electronic Component and Engineering Solution Forum - TechForum │ Digi-Key v5.15.x was the probally the best get…


Thanks! It’s kind of antique-ish at this point, to be honest. I managed to get Buster loaded, and learned some about the package installer, too.

It may not worth spending a lot of time on. A Raspberry Pi 3 can be had for $35, uses a quad-core 64 bit processor, and they seem to be available again. On the other hand, Digikey seems to have a stock of the XMs, I imagine for people to use on older industrial hardware. But if the machine’s not hooked to the 'net, the older OS likely isn’t an issue.

Free BeagleBone Guides for Beginners The BeagleBoard XM is a single-board computer based on ARM architecture. Debian is a popular Linux distribution that provides support for various hardware platforms, including the BeagleBoard XM. As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, Debian 9 (codenamed “Stretch”) was the latest version available for the BeagleBoard XM.