Beagleboard-xM DVSDK4.01 Encoder not working


I have installed DVSDK 4.01 on Beagleboard-xM successfully.
I am able to run decode demos successfully, but i am not know how to
use encode command

./encode -v /usr/share/ti/data/videos/davincieffect.mpeg4
Encode demo started.
Error: Failed to detect video standard, video input connected?

Basically i extracted Raw video from the .mp4/.avi file using FFMPEG.
[FFMPEG installed in my Linux PC]. Then i tired to give this raw video
as the input the Encoder software but it didn't work, Does DVSDK
supports this operation?

1) Does DVSDK Encoders support file based Encoding??

2) From where does the Encoder software gets put from??

3) How to install FFMPEG into DVSDK 4.01??

Hi,I face the same problem,did you successfully complete it?
Thanks a lot.