Beagleboard xM on Windows7 with Ubuntu in VM


I am planning to order the Beagleboard xM. I had a few doubts which i wanted to clarify. I plan to connect the board, to my laptop.

  1. I want to use it in the windows7 environment, using ubuntu running in VMWare Player.
  2. I don’t have a serial port on my laptop, so can i use a USB to serial converter and get things done.?

Would like to know, if the above will work, if not, what steps will i have to take and also any additonal things i would have to take care off, for working on the board.


That’s what I do at work. Works great.


What will have to be done, to get the transfers done through USB, which will be happening by default on serial?

There are usb to serial converters that can be purchased for less than $20. I use the Parallax USBto232 dongle. It works 100% of the time for me. Its a virtual com port and the host treats it as a com port. Virtualbox is my preference since it always worked for me. There is a feature to direct attached usb devices on Windows to Ubuntu in the virtual window. Works with thumb drives too. If you have 10.4 or better installed FTDI drivers pick it up as serial port.

I prefer using ethernet.
SSH + sftp

Edit etc/network/interfaces to assign a static ip whenever beagle
Use putty to login via ssh.
use "nautilus sftp://ip/" in terminal inside ubuntu to log in via sftp
for file transfers.

A little busy. So please try google. Or i would have sent more
detailed guidelines.

Thanks everyone for the reply. I can go ahead with my purchase in peace.