Beagleboard XM Rev. C for sale

Beagleboard XM Rev. C for sale

I have seen others in this forum doing this, but if it against forum rules, please delete it.


HDMI DVI-D Male Cable (6-ft)

AC Power Adapter 5V@2.5A (5.5mm)

USB DB9M RS232 Serial cable

Clear case for Beagleboard with holes for all ports
microSD card with Angstrom Linux installed

I am retired now and am spending more time traveling rather than tinkering. This Beagleboard has served me well as a file server (Samba share) for a number of years with no problems.

Not looking for much, just a good home for this board!

John —

I’d be happy to take that off your hands. I just tried to purchase one, but no surprise, no stock. Feel free to contact me directly: chuck AT jackm DOT org

(And if this is against forum rules, please feel free to delete this post as well as the ad.)

Beagleboard sold. It worked very well and hopefully does in it's new home.