BeagleBoard xM Rev C No Longer Booting After Accidental SD Card Eject

Hello everybody! I was happily enjoying my BeaglBoard xM Rev C until I accidentally hit the board slightly, causing the sd card to eject.

Since then I have been getting the following every time I power the BeagleBoard , with no DVI signal output (same result with or without sd card):

   - the red led D13 flashes once
   - the green led D14 flashes once 
   - the green led D5 stays on

Thinking that I might have damaged the file system during the eject, I followed the the instructions below in order to recreate a bootable sd card:


I was not successful. So I found the following instructions from circuitco where they provide the sd card image that is shipped with the BeagleBoard xM Rev C.

I was once again unsuccessful.

I would be able to order a new board but I first want to make sure that the current board is dead. Is there any way I could test the board and find out if the problem is hardware related? 


Try this.


how about install all software and power on it cleanly.

I did take on/off SD many times even it is on running board without problem,.
sometime, press the reset button, then take off SD card.

I feel for you!

Someone could make a few bucks by supplying a guard bracket that would prevent accidental SD ejection!


A drop of hot glue may work. Easy to remove if you neeed to eject it on purpose.