Beagleboard XM Rev. C/Ubuntu/ALSA - audio playback quality ?


I’m running Ubuntu upon a Beagleboard XM Rev. C with some high quality powered speakers connected to the mini-stereo ‘audio out’ connector. Using ALSA drivers/utilities (aplay), when I try to playback a high quality music .wav file (44100 Hz) it doesn’t sound that good… perhaps like it is clipping or resampling…? There’s almost of ‘buzzing’ effect for lack of a better description… things “almost sound good”, but the audio artifacts are too much to be ignored.

Moving the speakers and same sound file to another Linux PC it all sounds fine.

I’m I’m trying to get a handle upon if its a lack of configuration/software by myself that I can better, or perhaps its just the nature of the beagleboard audio circuitry and I’m expecting too much from it. Any help would be appreciated! If I can provide further information please let me know and I will gather it. Thanks in advance…


Working with audio too, I noticed similar artifacts when recording from the analogic input. I don’t think this is configuration-related, maybe you should try to find a linux supported USB soundcard to see if it’s more suitable for your needs.
Good luck with that.