Beagleboard XM Rev C + ULCD7 lite + MT9P031 imager (android ICS/Gingerbread)


I’m a rank novice on Beagleboard development, so please bear with me on my questions.

  1. How would I integrate the ULCD7 lite touchsceen to the android operating system? I have been able to see numerous threads in search that talk about it, but there are no drivers/android images that I have seen as yet.

  2. I also have a MT9P031 5M imager (the leopardboard 365 I know the android OS by default does not support this imager,. I do see the driver on, but being the rank amateur that I am, this ties itself in to my next question as well. I assume I will need to use the serial communicator to transfer the file to the uSD, and then use terminal emulator to build the driver on the beagleboard. I can see two ways of doing this -

  • Build the driver and incorporate it into the android kernel through the terminal emulator - I don’t know if we can do this as of yet
  • rebuild the sources of the OS incorporating the driver (this would probably work for both the ULCD7 and the MTP031, if it does at all), and create an image to replace the default android image.
    Any tips as to what I should be doing here?
  1. A related question, the Android ICS does not seem to have a terminal emulator - or am I looking at the wrong place?

I have no issues if I need to custom build from sources or build the drivers independently. I just don’t know how, and there does not seem to be much help evidently available online.

Any answers from the experts is appreciated!

Hi as far as i know you have to make your own patch to the kernel, i’ve tried but i’m stuck at file omap3_beagleboard because the patch is for kernel 2.6.36 and Android TI’s Kernel is 2.6.37 so there are many diferences on those files. I hope you could resolve the trouble and help me then