BeagleBoard-xM RevB not responding.

Dear Buddies,
My BB-xM RevB cannot start, when I plug 5VDC, it just turns on Led D5&D14.
And on Console just receive “60”.
What’s wrong with my Kit?
Thank you so much.

Do you have the SD card installed that has the SW that allows the board to boot?


I have a 4GB sdCard & I use image file from “
to write on the card. When everything finished, I plug it in the BB…but nothing happened.(I discribed above.).
What wrong with my SD card?
Thank you so much.

I use Image file downloaded from


and I write it into a 4GB SDcard.
Does it has anywrong with my card or I did a wrong way?
Thank you so much.

How did you “copy” it? This is an image file. Just copying the file will result in the board not booting.

Follow the instructions here to create the SD card from the image file.


Dear Gerald,
Thank you so much for your comment. I install Angstrom 99% successfully from your link, (I enclose the photo).
I want to login as root, but I cannot type anything more.
I try to reset the BB, but got the same problems.
My BB-xM is version RevB, but according to your instructions, just BB-xM RevC image is available.
So, I installed it into my BB-xN RevB.
Is that the reason as I cannot login?

Thank you so much, my friend.

Best wishes.


According to your instructions, I installed 99% successfully,
(the photo attached).
But, I cannot login as root, I cannot type anything.
I try to reset the board, but got the same problems.
My BB-xM is RevB, but I used a BB-xM RevC Image to install. (from your link).
Is that the reason?

Thanks you so much, my friend.


Ok, I installed successfully.
Thank you so much, Gerald.