beagleboard xm vs c4


I have been working on beagleboard c4 for couple of months now, now I need to get one more board but c4 is out of stock, though xM is available.

My question to group is, would a SD card prepared for C4 directly work on xM. The main peripherals that I want to get working are

  1. HDMI output
  2. S-video
  3. Audio
  4. Usb host


No. There are some differences. But, an updatred xLoader,Uboot, and Kernel, will work on both boards. There are some differences in some of the internal clocks. So, if you make the SD with the knowledge of the -xM then yes it can. If you make it only knowing about the C4, then there could be issues.

USB Host is different because you got through a HUB on the -xM and there isn’t one on the C4, unless you add your own. Then the driver would be different, but the Kernel should be able to handle that aspect.

The other peripherals are basically the same.