BeagleBoard XM won't boot anything except SD card that came with it


As I can see from the booting sequence that it is unable to locate the uEnv.txt file which contains the bootargs for the kernel. So, just check if you are missing the same. I am herewith attaching the uEnv.txt. just copy this as uEnv.txt in first partition.


uEnvAng.txt (234 Bytes)

Hi Pradeep,

You are absolutely right. Adding the uEnv.txt file solved the boot problem. But the boot process got stuck at a later staged marked [49.something]. I wasn’t overly worried because I used Dan’s advice to copy disk images with ZCAT which worked just fine. I hope Angstrom remember to correct their installation instructions to include uEnv.txt. Thank you very much.


22 Eylül 2012 Cumartesi 05:43:05 UTC+3 tarihinde Pradeep Tewani yazdı: